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About Azeroths Most Deadly
A two night a week (Wed/Sun 8pm-11pm EST) Mythic Horde guild located on Zul'jin (US, PvE).

Raeder - Guild Leader
Guanyu - Raid Leader
Vecks - Recruitment Officer
Stolishnaya - Recruitment Officer
Sarth - Site Manager
Glernaj - Supply Management
Ndaian - Events Coordinator
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Mythic Archimonde!!

by Geonags, 67 days ago

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We beat the game!!!!

Grats to all look fabulous...see you all in Legion!

Raeder, Vasthus, Thedruìd, Backrolls, Ndaian, Howdy, Horrible, Glernaj, Darkho, Stolishnaya, Caonishushu, Aydriann, Conspiracy, Whoflung, Vecks, Guanyu, Sekavi, Tinzen, Thrali, and Spunki

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