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A two night a week (Wed/Sun 8pm-11pm EST) Mythic Horde guild located on Zul'jin (US, PvE).

Officers: Guanyu, Spunki, Vecks, Glernaj, Raeder, Stolishnaya, Sarth, and Tinzen.

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Mythic Tyrant Velhari!!

by Geonags, 9 days ago

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Hey we are still around and we pieced together a pre-nerf kill too!

Grats to everyone!!

Horrible, Guanyu, Thedruìd, Backrolls, Nàrcissa, Vasthus, Conspiracy, Wizzoz, Whoflung, Ndaian, Eklypz, Howdy, Kazgaen Darkho, Glernaj, Raeder, Arcanais, Tinzen, Spunki, Sekavi

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