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About Azeroths Most Deadly

A casual, often bordering on the hardcore, end-game Horde guild located on Zul'jin (US, PvE).

Officers: Astennu, Spunki/Geonags, Midno, Stolishnaya, and Sarth.

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AMD vs Heroic Thok the Bloodthirsty (10)

by Sartherion, 35 days ago

The AMD members that were part of this kill were Vecks, Guanyu, Glernaj, Cantsleep, Sarth, Stolishnaya, Sekavi, Raeder, Spunki and Vestri.

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Heroic Thok the Bloodthirsty!!

by Geonags, 36 days ago

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Finally some progress after weeks of struggling. And in legendary AMD form, we downed this dastardly dino after an Astennu last pull call. I took this screenshot after we shoved our collective fists right up his tyrannical anus! Special thanks to Dan (Vestri) who came in to help out with Sabbic's cramps...we'll get you some midol buddy.

Raeder, Stolishnaya, Cantsleep, Sarth, Sekavi, Spunki, Guanyu, Vestri, Vecks, Glernaj

Grats AMD!!

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