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About Azeroths Most Deadly

A casual, often bordering on the hardcore, end-game Horde guild located on Zul'jin (US, PvE).

Officers: Astennu, Spunki/Geonags,Vecks, Glernaj, Raeder, Stolishnaya, and Sarth.

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AMD @ Blizzcon 2014

by Geonags, 40 days ago

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AMD made a glorious appearance at Blizzcon 2014 (and got promptly kicked for blocking fire doors...we nearly killed everyone!) Special thanks to Jamez for making legendary AMD pins for us!!

Back row from left to right:
Stolishnaya, Jamezo, Ndaian, Sarth, Geonags, Vyn, Raeder, Orein, Carleigh

Front row from left to right:
Flaked, Leeshai, Glernaj

Link to a large pic! [Why can't we line up nice for our kill shots!?]

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