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AMD @ Blizzcon 2015!
About AMD

Who We Are.

AMD is a community of people who want to challenge themselves; to push as far as they can with very limited play time...and in the process, make lasting friendships.

Since our founding in 2006, this guild has been built around a tolerance for personal and job related obligations, allowing all of our members to take time for themselves and their families without the risk of losing the friends they have made in game. This is the unwaivering core of who we are.

What We Do.

It is within our collective spare time that this guild has dedicated itself towards end-game content and have fun doing it...without wasting everyone's precious time.

With whatever free time you have to spend with AMD, our goals, our existence, is catered towards PVE content at current end-game raiding within World of Warcraft. We bring 20 people together 2 nights a week to conquer the hardest challenges that Blizzard has set forth.

This requires everyone to contribute resources, learn strategies, understand quickly the lessons from mistakes and to focus on the tasks at hand for 6 hours a week. With this strategy, we have been able to accomplish challenges that many guilds do (or fail to do) in nine hours or more a week.

We make the most of what we got.

How You Fit.

Your position as a guild member and place on our raid team brings with it certain responsibilities. Namely, not wasting time through easily remedied mistakes. The nature of end game content implies that one person wasting time is equivalent to wasting the time of 19 other people. Everyone is at a loss when you fail to prepare, perform and learn quickly. We will have wipes. Your job is to figure out what mistakes where made and how to correct them.

So lets break it down on how not to waste our collective precious time:

Prepare - Class knowledge, appropriate gemming/enchants, appropriate consumables and amounts, appropriate rotations, knowledge of upgrades (and the WHY behind that upgrade), knowledge of fights, as well as a mastery of game and class mechanics.

Perform - Subscription to guild strategies, listening to raid leaders, contribution to discussions, communicate your weekly availability and providing feedback to officers.

Learn - If you die during a fight, understand why. If your dps is low, understand why. Make suggestions, ask questions, try things out, evaluate and then repeat! Look through the raid logs. There are many intelligent and skilled players within our ranks...make use of them!

And when thats all taken care of...just go have fun out there - and have a cocktail or two!


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